"Radio Fragments" - Transforming radiophonic silences into sound stories
A sound installation by André Castro
From January 23 until 30, 2010 (From 4 pm until 7 pm)
Opening: January 23, 2010 at 6 pm
Finissage: January 30, 2010 at 6 pm

Radio Fragments is a radiophonic project that aims to explore an auditory attention, different from the one usually associated with the experience of listening to the radio, making use of the spaces in between words and songs that occur throughout the radiophonic discourse as its main reagent.

Its basic formula consists of an analysis-control mechanism (built in Super Collider) residing inside a computer to which a real-time mainstream radio broadcast is fed. This mechanism acts as a reversed-noise-gate, singling out what is usually ignored or avoided in a radiophonic context (whispers, stumbles, pauses, dead spaces and errors) and muting all the other sounds such as words or songs.These punctuating fragments become the raw materials from which Radio Fragments sonic concoction is brewed.

Recently a light responsive system, built with Arduino, was added to the installation. Such system reacts and enhances the moment of emergence of the fragments by brightening up momentarily and then returning to its initial dim state.

Recordings of Radio Fragments in action can be heard here.

More information about the artist: André Castro

The installation will open with an improvised concert by Klass Hübner, Rúben Patiño, Benjamin Altermatt and Nuno da Luz at 8 pm

For this concert musicians are invited to make the live radiophonic fragments - the main constitutive element of the installation - also the central element of their music. Each radio fragment will be channelled to their devices, where it will undergo different processes of electronic manipulations, to later emerge in the installation space in new and unexpected shapes.

video by Emilia Kurylowicz / Photos by Lucía Zapata

Foto: Lucía Zapata Foto: Lucía Zapata Foto: Lucía Zapata